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Re: Recommended usage for podebconf-report-po


On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 09:55:25AM +0300, Esko Arajärvi wrote:
> As a translator I of course like deadlines, but if there is some default, the 
> package maintainer should be aware of it also. Would they know about it 
> without reading the documentation?  Is it shown and easily changed when the 
> program is run?

Before the messages are sent, an editor is started to let the maintainer
review the message and possibly make some changes.
The line announcing the deadline is present in this message, but possibly
not in the first terminal windows (i.e. the maintainer won't see the
deadline unless he scrolls down).

> If not, we could have some calls for translation which don't honor the 
> specified deadline or have two calls in a row, where maintainer corrects the 
> deadline in the latter.

I can take another approach, and prompt for the deadline if the maintainer
did not specify any deadline (on the command line or in his config file),
and if he did not explicitly request a message with no deadlines (on the
command line or in his config file).

For example:

  You should specify a deadline to help translators organize their work.
  This deadline is usually the date you are planning to make the next
  release (or the day before).
  Deadline [+10days]?: 

Would that be better?

Kind Regards,

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