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Re: sane-backends 1.0.19-7: Please translate debconf PO for the package sane-backends

Quoting Julien BLACHE (jblache@debian.org):
> Hi,
> Plans have changed a little for the 1.0.19-7 revision of sane-backends, and
> as a consequence I've added a new template to the package (the previous one
> is still there and hasn't changed).

I have a few comments....

> #. Type: boolean
> #. Description
> #: ../sane-utils.templates:1001
> msgid "Enable saned as a standalone server?"
> msgstr ""

This template is very long and will be splitted on two screens on
typical 80x25 displays (or windows).

I think you can at least drop the last paragraph:

> #. Type: boolean
> #. Description
> #: ../sane-utils.templates:1001
> msgid "Accept this option if you want to make use of this feature."
> msgstr ""

This is an evidence, isn't it? I even had trouble translating this to

"Choose this option if you want to use this option"...ahem.

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