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Re: Marathi translation of Debian Installer nearly complete

Hi everyone :)

On 01/04/2008, at 3:26 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:
It is my pleasure to announce that, thanks to Priti Patil, Sampada
Nakhare and Nayan Nakhare work, the Marathi translation of Debian
Installer is nearly complete, which is a bump from 0%...:-)

I committed the complete files two days ago. Of course, while they
were working on this translation, some strings changed slightly and
they'll have to re-complete their work, but as soon as level 1 and 2
are completed, I will activate Marathi in localechooser.

For people who are less aware of which language belongs to what place
of the world, Marathi is one of the 22 official languages in India
with about 70-90 million speakers...

I hereby thank Priti, Sampada and Nayan for their work (be sure, that
this is not finished yet and we'll have numerous occasions to be in
contact, the first being the various explanations I'll continue to
give you about our workflow!) and welcome them among the commuity of
Debian translators...

Sorry I couldn't reply earlier.

Congratulations to the Marathi Language Team for all their hard work, and to the Debian Project for reaching the Marathi community! :)

Translation of Debian is a huge step in freeing your community from the many and various costs of commercial software. It may take a while before you begin to see the results, but it is all worth the effort.

Good luck with your project. :)

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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