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Aptitude localized defaults string

Hi all :)

Aptitude's new and fuzzy strings include:
#: src/generic/apt/apt.cc:173
#. ForTranslators: Set this string to the name of a configuration
#. file in /usr/share/aptitude that overrides defaults for your
#. language.  This is particularly intended for overriding entries
#. in the Aptitude::Sections::Descriptions tree.
#. For instance, Sections localized for the language .ww might be
#. stored in a file named aptitude-defaults.ww, which would be
#. indicated by translating "Localized defaults|" below to
#. "aptitude-defaults.ww".  If you use this mechanism, you should
#. also add your defaults file to pkgdata_DATA in Makefile.am.
msgid "Localized defaults|"

I don't run Linux, and although I know fink [1] uses dpkg, I don't think it uses aptitude: there is no </usr/share/aptitude> directory on my OSX machine (a UNIX install).

Could someone please tell me if there is, indeed, an "aptitude- defaults.vi" file at this location on Debian?

In any case, where is the Makefile.am to which this defaults file should be added?

Is this something we translators do once, to help all users, or is it something each user does locally?

Thankyou for any way in which you can unconfuse me on this. :)

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

[1] Mac OSX package-management system, along with MacPorts. We can also run easy_install and CPAN.

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