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Re: Aptitude has disappeared from stats :(

On 18/01/2008, at 6:31 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):
Hi everyone :)

My stats email from the 16th (which I didn't have a chance to read
before now), says:

* aptitude/po/vi.po : 1021t -> 0t


This is generally due to a temporary problem in the stats script. When
such very disruptive changes happen, just assume that this will be
corrected soon (I read the very same logs than you do, multiplied by
the number of languages...:-))

There are pending string changes in aptitude and things I have to sort
out. The maintainer uses Mercurial and I'm not very sure of the right
way to solve conflicts.

So, in short, just do nothing about aptitude.

I normally wouldn't have worried, but that was two days ago. Normally, these problems get adjusted pretty quickly (which I appreciate very much).

And of course, when I returned to my main Inbox after sending that mail, another stats mail had arrives, saying aptitude was back, with fuzzies... ;)

from Clytie

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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