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Re: [WikiVote] Translation Namespace Policy

Clytie Siddall wrote:

I would prefer a translated page-name, but
I haven't seen UTF-8 wiki URLs yet, so in Vietnamese, we get dreadfully messy-looking URLs like this:


The pagename is simply:

Cách dch

or "how to translate".


It reminds me of the old ASCII days on Usenet, when we used to write like this:

To^i ra^'t thi'ch ddo.c nhu+~ng la' thu+ cu?a ba.n. Tuy nhie^n, to^i kho^ng the^? hie^?u lo+`i gia?i thi'ch ve^`...

although that's actually easier on the eye than the Wiki pagenames.

Is there any good reason for not transcribing URL's into the URL character set (less than full ASCII), rather than putting lots of hexadecimal codes in the URL's?

Besides that the transcription is language specific? Or maybe that is bad enough in itself.


Growing older is compulsory. Growing up isn't.

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