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Robot / Wiki-Page for packages under review in SMITH?

many teams use robots to track the status of po files. Now with SMITH
there is a new status ("blocked by review"). So far, at least the
German tracker[1] does not handle this case. I don't mind having a second
web page (be it a robot generated, or a wiki page) to quickly find
those po files, but of course having a single list would be

So my questions boil down to:
a) Is there a web page (other than the overview in the list archives)
   which enlist those packages currently under review?
b) Would it be possible to use "tracker friendly" subjects, like those
   used for robots (e.g. [SMITH] when starting and [NOSMITH] when
   calling for pofiles) so that trackers could be updated to look for
   them on this list?

This would ease the burden of manually maintaining a list of debconf
translations which should, although requiring an update according to
the tracker, be ignored.



[1] See, e.g. this nice listing on
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