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Re: Fwd: [i18n] Input Method and Fonts improvements for Gutsy

(Again dropping pkg-fonts-devel list.)

On Tue, Aug 07, 2007 at 02:01:58PM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > > 3. run as root:
> > >         im-switch -s scim
> > > After a relogin, the user can toggle SCIM on/off by pressing CRTL+SPACE.
> > > 
> > >> "im-switch -s scim" should be done once on the installed system, or at
> > >> every boot?
> > 
> > only once at install time. And only if you want to use SCIM as default
> > IM application...
> Hmmm, OK, then that could fit in the localechooser finish-install
> script. Something like:
> "check whether scim is installed on the installed system and, if so,
> run 'im-switch -s scim'"

Not really necessary.  Scim's im-switch setting already makes scim
default (which is what "im-switch -s scim" do) for Chinese, Japanese,
and Korean locales in etch.  If some language decides that SCIM is good
as the default input method, they can just ask scim package to raise
im-switch setting priority for their locale.

Ubuntu needs to manually set im-switch default more often because their
language-support packages are real (meta-)packages, and frequently
installed in systems with other locales.


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