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Re: Fwd: [i18n] Input Method and Fonts improvements for Gutsy

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Ming Hua wrote:
>> "check whether scim is installed on the installed system and, if so,
>> run 'im-switch -s scim'"
> Not really necessary.  Scim's im-switch setting already makes scim
> default (which is what "im-switch -s scim" do) for Chinese, Japanese,
> and Korean locales in etch.  If some language decides that SCIM is good
> as the default input method, they can just ask scim package to raise
> im-switch setting priority for their locale.

> Ubuntu needs to manually set im-switch default more often because their
> language-support packages are real (meta-)packages, and frequently
> installed in systems with other locales.

I was referring to the Live CD, which uses US-English as default locale.
I found out in the meantime, that the Live CD uses gtk-immodule and that
SCIM is available via the context menu under the Input Method entry.
However, I think that the average newbie won't be able to find that on
his/her own. So I was suggesting to use im-switch and the XIM method as
default. But as XIM has the problem with the need of predefined
/SupportUnicodeLocale setting and users probably won't install any 3rd
party application on the Live CD which has trouble with the
GTK_IM_Module=scim setting, it should be enough to set the environment
variable GTK_IM_Module=scim whenever Complex Input Method support is
activated in the Language Switcher.

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