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Re: [g-i] Use of ttf-dejavu for rendering Georgian text


On Tue, Jul 10, 2007 at 02:31:37PM +0530, Praveen A wrote:
> Davide,
> Can you include Malayalam glyphs also in Dejavu? How the glyphs has to
> be submitted? Giving you the Malayalam font will do or should we give
> you the complete Dejavu with Malayalam Glyphs added.

one of the main goals of the Dejavu project is quality; glyphs have to look 
consistent with the look and feel of the existing ranges so "random inclusion"
is not allowed.

I'm bringing this discussion to the Dejavu ml, so that details and doubts can
be properly discussed.

I'm really glad there's interest in extending the coverage of Dejavu to new ranges!


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