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Re: Compendiums enabled for po-debconf translations for all langauges

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Eddy Petri?or (eddy.petrisor@gmail.com):
>> Hello all,
>> I have just modified the compendium generation scripts to use *po-debconf* transtaltions and the generation is now done
>> for *all* langauges (I have looked for all available languages in our packages).
> Seems to be time to integrate this in:

Well, I not ready for that yet, but ...

> - the debian-i18n-robots infrastructure on churro
> - archive the scripts in the debian-l10n project SVN
> The latter should indeed be done for some other scripts, namely the
> Pootle sync scripts which I wrote.
> We have to find a moment to work on this. The Debconf seems to be a
> good target..:)

... in the light of the set term, is ok :-)

Meanwhile I can polish them so that is possible to do po material, too.

BTW, I have seen that in the po-debconf tarball there are also old versions, although the files are from unstable. This
leads to deprecated translations being added to the compendium as alternative translations, which is bad.

See for example the trasnlation for "Ignore questions with a priority less than:" in

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