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Compendiums enabled for po-debconf translations for all langauges

Hello all,

I have just modified the compendium generation scripts to use *po-debconf* transtaltions and the generation is now done
for *all* langauges (I have looked for all available languages in our packages).

This is not final, but feel free to take a look at the results. Currently they are built on a daily basis at 7:00 CET.

Logs have been improved and more checks are done.

Future planned changes:
- add a compendium-latest link
- add a msgtest.d + msgtest.d/$LANG infrastructure to be able to add individual tests for the files included in the
compendium creation, with the possibility to add supplemental tests per language
- create also a po only compendium, and a po + po-debconf compendium
- overriding/removing/prioritizating translations

People interested by this should look here:


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