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Re: review of lwat and slbackup-php translation

Quoting Patrick Winnertz (winnie@der-winnie.de):
> Hello I18n Team,
> I'm the maintainer of lwat, an ldap web administration tool which will be used by debian-edu/skolelinux to administrate the users, groups, netgroups, samba machines, ...
> Atm lwat is translated into 3 languages: english, german and norwegian. Since neither the upstream nor I are native english speaker I would like to request and review of the
> english translation. 
> After this it would be nice if someone who is interested could translate it into a few more languages :)
> Furthermore there is another package which is very important for the debian-edu release: slbackup-php. This is the frontend to a backup utility written by us. It would be very nice if someone would volunteer and review our english in this two applications ;-). 

I suggest involving debian-l10n-english with the appropriate
to-be-reviewed material (preferrably the place where original strings
are located rather than the POT file...unless you're ready to spread
out the proposed changes yourself).

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