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Re: Outdated dpkg translation stats on d-i l10n page

Quoting Ming Hua (minghua@ubuntu.com):
> Hi Christian and everyone,
> My understanding is that d-i l10n stat page [1] is supposed to have the
> most up-to-date translations, pulling from maintainer's VCS repo if
> necessary.


> However, the stats for dpkg translation seems to be outdated.  I know
> that simplified Chinese (zh_CN) is updated in 1.14.x uploads, but the
> main stat [2] still shows the old 732t88f100u stat.  On the other hand,
> the unstable stat [3] correctly shows the new 905t13f3u stat.
> I think it's just the script still using an old repo path, can it be
> fixed?

Ah, well spotted.....:-)


In packages.cvs.commands5:

#echo -n "dpkg "
svn -q co svn://svn.debian.org/dpkg/branches/etch/po dpkg/po

For some reason, I was pointing the etch branch. IIRC, this is because
the development of post-etch stuff began before the release of etch
and I didn't want to see stats broken at that time.

So, indeed the fix is to replace this with:

svn -q co svn://svn.debian.org/dpkg/trunk/po dpkg/po

Thanks for spotting, again.

reminder: all stats scripts are in D-I SVN so officially not under my
single control..:-)...Just expect things to be loosely documented and
therefore needing to read the "code" (understand "crappy shell
scripting") to understand how all this works.

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