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Re: debconf PO translations for the package dbmail

Quoting Thijs Kinkhorst (thijs@debian.org):
> Christian,
> > he maintainer unfortunately uploaded a new version of his package which
> > broke out translations. I notified him that this is not fair to
> > translators
> > and I will notify him that I will coordinate an update of translations
> > which
> > will lead to an upload by him...or a NMU by me.
> What's with this bashing of the dbmail maintainer?

I was about to announce *today* that French reached 100%. You'll
understand that I may have some reasons to find not really nice to
translators that an uncoordinated upload breaks many strings.

OK, this upload indeed happened two months ago and the delay is "just"
the processing delay by the ftpmaster team, but it somewhat is quite
tiring that maintainers do not take care to think about warning
translators before uploading versions that change the translatable

Whether or not this belongs to what is about to be released is of no

> dbmail is not in testing... how can it be "not fair" to change debconf
> translations?

Without warning translators ? *this* is now unfair. There are enough
tools around to properly deal with debconf templates chanes and it's
IMHO time to maake this visible. A little shouting helps, sometimes.

From now and until I resign from Debian I will notify each and every
maintainer who releases a package with debconf changes without
properly interacting with translators. Simultaneously, for each of
such changes, I will post a call for translation here, and if I find
that the given change would definitely have deserved an upload, I will
people let know that I find this not respectful for our work (which is
what I cann "unfair").

> Why would you go NMU'ing a package now that will be released in Lenny at
> first? What urgency is there for this?

Marketing. The recent progress in several languages is IMHO the best
advertising for l10n efforts and being able to announce that we reach
100% is part of that.

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