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Re: Please unblock mysql-dfsg-5.0 5.0.32-6 <- ABI problems!

> It seems that I have to prepare a t-p-u version with only the
> important bits from the changelogs of from my initial mail anyway
> so if it's OK for the RMs I will add the template change alongside
> with all translations to that, too.

Hmmm, I'm not sure I get the exact plan.

My proposal, after summarizing the various contributions in this

1) you prepare an upload to t-p-u with the changes you really want to
see in etch and *no string change* (that means reverting back the
debconf templates changes done in the last version)

2) we prepare an update for unstable with the translation fixes needed
by the templates change. *that* is scheduled for Feb 21st (hey, I want
the 100% back....:-)). Some languages may miss that deadline but
they'll have other opportunities to update as this package will anyway
stay in unstable

1) preserves the translator's work for the released version

2) allows your string changes to stay (after all, they come from a
very valid lintian check) and gives some of the translators an
opportunity to stay up-to-date

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