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Re: Example "big" Pootle project on i18n.debian.net: debconf translations

On Wednesday 27 December 2006 09:32, Christian Perrier wrote:
> With a few workarounds and glitches, I have been able to import all
> Debian "debconf" translations in Debian's Pootle server (STILL
> EXPERIMENTAL, don't use for production work).

I've taken a quick look and must say I'm totally confused by one thing.

Take as example:

This file has 2 strings of which 1 if fuzzy. However, the translation 
stats show 82% translated. WTF?
It seems that the percentage is based on a count of words, but this seems 
to me a totally bogus statistic because either a whole string is 
translated or it is not.

Note that the biggest problem with a lot of translations is that people 
translate words instead of the meaning of sentences. To me this statistic 
seems to "promote" that :-(

Another comment based on:

For larger files it is not all that easy to see if there's one or two 
strings untranslated or fuzzy as the grey/red area will be very small. 
Would it be possible for such translations to get a different colored 
folder icon? Or rather: use a different icon for files that have 
((translated+fuzzy) > 1 and (fuzzy+untranslated) > 1).


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