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Re: DDTP - please activate support for pt

Quoting Miguel Figueiredo (elmig@debianpt.org):
> Hi,
>   we are using pt as code for Portuguese (from Portugal) and files 
> named  "pt.po" in d-i, manual and debconf translation messages.
>   I believe the subcodes _XX are used for variations of a language.
>   Maybe someone can enlight us (me) on this...

More or less, yes.

The point of using _XX "extensions" is only to handle "variations"
that are large enough to motivate a duplicate translation effort.

This is the case for pt_BR where it is admitted that "Brazilian" is
different enough from "regular" Portuguese to motivate another
translation effort.

My opinion is that this should be restricted to the very minimum
because the (wo)manpower we have in FLOSS l10n is low enough to do our
best avoiding duplicate efforts.

When it comes at Portuguese, using "pt" alone allows supporting future
locales for "Portuguese/Mozambique", etc. This is not really a problem
now because these locales have never been written and therefore do not
exist but they will certainly, at some point in the future.

This all explains why I really suggest using "pt" and not "pt_PT". The
same stands for "de" vs de_AT de_DE de/CH de/BE

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