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Re: debconf PO translations for the package emdebian-tools

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007 21:54:21 +0100
Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

> - "If you already have a valid username and svn commit access within Emdebian, "
> "emsource can checkout and commit the emdebian patch files without further "
>    "emdebian" does not seem to be consistently using upper/lowercase

Upper case when referring to the project, lower case when referring to
control files created during processing of the package or files within
the package itself - the patch files themselves are called:
emdebian-changelog.patch, emdebian-control.patch and
emdebian-rules.patch - in line with the package name 'emdebian-tools'.

I thought about phrasing the second half as "commit the
emdebian-*.patch files" but that was messy and listing the three files
was overkill. In the manpage, I can use a monospace font to indicate
the relation to a filename rather than a project name - in the template
file this isn't possible. Maybe I could use quote marks?

These three patch files are important because debian/changelog,
debian/control and debian/rules have to be patched before debian/rules
itself is executed - i.e. they cannot be done via debian/patches. Other
patches that may be necessary for cross-building can be handled in the
normal way.

> - "Debian username or identity. If you do not (yet) have an Emdebian username, "
> "leave this blank. (emsource will use anonymous checkouts of the patch files.)"
> I'm not entirely sure that the use of parenthesis at the end is
> typographically correct for English. My personal use would be:
> Debian username or identity. If you do not (yet) have an Emdebian username,
> leave this blank (emsource will use anonymous checkouts of the patch files).
> But, not being a native speaker, I may be wrong here.

Your usage is much more formal. I guess it demonstrates how native
speakers flout the more archaic or rigid rules within the language.
The issue is also confused by starting the sentence within the
parentheses with a filename that is not capitalised. As above, this
will be clearer in the manpage where each filename is indicated with a
monospace font. Feel free to translate in a formal or informal style, I
prefer the informal. In the informal spoken form, by a native speaker,
the sentence in parentheses would be said as an aside or a 'throw-away'
line - quieter and with little emphasis. The formal style would not
cause a change in emphasis, probably giving the sentence more weight
than it may deserve.


Neil Williams

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