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Re: [D-I] improper native spelling of 'belarusian' in the language choice menu

15 січня 2007 о 16:10 +0200 Gleb Rubanau написав(-ла):
> Hello all!
> Just now it was noticed that the native spelling of belarusian language is
> obviously improper in the language choice menu.
> It should be "Беларуская", not "Беларускі"
> As I understand, this message is not part of the be.po level 1 file we
> translated.
> Could you please explain, what's the most proper way of fixing this typo?
It should be fixed in localechooser's languagelist.l10n (or something
like this) file. But in the past when I asked wheter it is correct translation,
the answer was that it is correct according to translator.

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

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