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Re: contest dependeded meanings for yes and no

On Tuesday 09 January 2007 15:45, Nicolas François wrote:
> According to "info libc", the following expressions should be allowed:
> yesexpr
> "^([aA][lL][rR][eE][aA][dD][yY]|[cC][oO][rR][rR][eE][cC][tT]|[yY][eE][s
>S])" yesexpr "^([nN][oO]|[iI][nN][cC][oO][rR][rR][eE][cC][tT])"
> In this case, I would however recommend to use a shorter form since
> there is no ambiguity after the first char:
> yesexpr "^[aAcCyY]"
> noexpr "^[nNiI]"

The longer expression fails on typo's in the full string, yours does not. 
I'd say that could be relevant.

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