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French virtually reaches 100% for po-debconf

As of Dec 25th 2006, French has virtually reached 100% completion for
po-debconf translations.

That means that, in case a miracle happens and ALL pending l10n bugs
are magically fixed by package maintainers, all packages that use
debconf and have localised strings for it, would be translated into

This is of course virtual because, at a given moment, there are always
packages for which the bug is reported but not fixed yet.

The real status for French is indeed 96.16%. It has never been as high
as far as I can remember ?

See http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/fr for details. Some of
the "bad boys" listed there have quite longstanding translations
pending, despite the recent NMU campaign. They will of course be my
first target in the next NMU campaign...

French is indeed the second language to reach this at least
once. Czech and Miroslav Kure reported to be "virtually 100%" several
months ago, which lasted for a couple of days....

Many thanks to Thomas Huriaux, who took over from me the job of
nagging French translators, and of course to the army of restless
dudes who works in debian-l10n-french. On a réussi, les enfants...:-)

PS: French translations are also virtually 100% for Debian native
packages that include localisation (a Debian native package is a
software that only exists in Debian, which means that Debian is, by
definition, the only source for localisation of this package)/


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