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Re: Request for translations: firebird2

Christian Perrier --  8.12.2006 07:00 --:
> - you should give a deadline to help translators organizing their work

Given the size of the template (5 strings, 106 words) I think any
translator could kindly slip it between the rest of his/her work.

Two weeks should be more than enough, but since the package needs
broader testing anyway, two weeks will come just fine.

Deadline: 21st of December :)

> - proofreading requests in debian-l10n-english is always a good idea

Oops, I missed this again. (/me hides under a rock)

> - suggest translators to send new translations to the BTS (OK, I know
>   I don't do it myself during the NMU campaign but this is done
>   in a different context). We all have to learn working with the
>   BTS..:)

For your (and mine) convenience, please send your translations to

Currently I got the Vietnamese translation (thanks, Clytie). It is
committed in the package SVN so no need to send it to the BTS.

Thank you,  Christian, for your suggestions. I tend to rush with
things that I /think/ I know (because I take the time to learn the
things I don't). Sorry for the trouble it may have caused.

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