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Re: Request for translations: firebird2

Quoting Damyan Ivanov (dam@modsoftsys.com):
> Dear Debian translators,
> I am preparing a revision of firebird2 packages that will include
> configuration via debconf for the first time. Hurray!
> To avoid following revisions including only translation updates
> (building firebird takes ~30minutes), I ask you to give it a look and
> send me your translation.
> The template is really short so translating it should not take your
> whole coffee-break :)

A few suggestions:

- you should give a deadline to help translators organizing their work

- you should not make it too short: less than 10 days (1 week if
  really short) will not allow teams with formalized processes to
  complete it properly

- proofreading requests in debian-l10n-english is always a good idea
  (actually, I found no "big mistake" in your templates...but as I
   often make errors in English, that's not a complete proof that
   everything is perfect...:-))

- suggest translators to send new translations to the BTS (OK, I know
  I don't do it myself during the NMU campaign but this is done
  in a different context). We all have to learn working with the

Of course, all these are suggestions....and your care for warning us
and giving translators an opportunity to update/add translations is
much appreciated...thanks again for this initiative.

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