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Re: Status of pootle@deb18n - 2006/12/04

> I've wanted to get into the DDTP work. Are the DDTP files on churro  
> current? Can I work on them there, keeping a backup copy as  
> insurance? (At My Own Risk™).

No, they aren't and, afaik, only parts of DDTP stuff have been
imported. This still dates back in September after the Extremadura
meeting and, afaik, not much work has been done on this.

The DDTP stuff was aimed at being a high volume stress test and Pootle
somewhat failed to handle it..:)...However, I wonder whether that bug
#193 hasn't also been involved in the failure.

> >- We are hit pretty hard by Pootle bug #193
> >  (http://bugs.wordforge.org/show_bug.cgi?id=193)
> >  I "fixed" all PO files which are non UTF-8 and have non ASCII
> >  characters in their headers but that bug virtually prevents us
> >  from automating a sync between repositories and Pootle
> This is a pain. However, perhaps we could take the opportunity to  
> encourage the standard UTF8 encoding throughout Debian PO files.

Sure, but that will take ages to achieve and I have no guarantee that,
even if I re-encode all D-I files in UTF-8, this won't be broken by a
further upload.

> >- please mail me if you want to be authorized for D-I translation in
> >  your language. Remember: NO PRODUCTION WORK.
> Please add my language and authorize me. :)

Will do...

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