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Status of pootle@deb18n - 2006/12/04

This is the second (brief) report about the status of the Pootle
server (codename churro) for Debian work, which you can see at

Please note that the server is still highly experimental, can be
broken at any time, with projects moved from here to there or even
removed. Don't base *any* production work on it.

- All Debian Installer translations have been included in the server
  (except those for which I don't have write commit access to their
   respective VCS)

- We are hit pretty hard by Pootle bug #193
  I "fixed" all PO files which are non UTF-8 and have non ASCII
  characters in their headers but that bug virtually prevents us
  from automating a sync between repositories and Pootle

- a rudimentary sync script between SVN repositories (which are 90% of
  the sources for D-I strings) and Pootle is in place
  (for churro admins: svn source is in my home in
   ~/d-i_translations. So is the sync script)

- the server experiences kernel problems (RTC handling instabilities)
  which can make it very slow from time to time...until we reboot

- we still don't have a nice mixed Debian/Wordforge logo..:)

- registration to the server may have problems. If you registered and
  still didn't get your activation code, please mail me

- please mail me if you want to be authorized for D-I translation in
  your language. Remember: NO PRODUCTION WORK.


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