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Re: Request for Translations: Gerstensaft

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Martin Schulze wrote:
> Hi,
> a new upstream version of Gerstensaft[1] is in preparation and the
> code has been mostly fixed.  Thus the set of translatable strings[2]
> should also be fixed and may be translated now.  The package is fully
> internationalised and ready to accept translations.
> Gerstensaft is a graphical frontend to the SAFT[3] protocol
> implemented by the sendfile[4] package which is part of the Debian
> distribution for many years.  It is used to transmit files and
> messages through the network.
> I would like to release a new upstream version soon but would also
> like to give you translators a chance to provide a translation of the
> strings.  As such, and since 81 strings probably require more than
> just half an hour of work, please drop me a line if you start working
> on a translation and plan to distribute the work over some days.  That
> way I can add a note to wait for your translation and not forget it.
> If you don't want to compile the package based on the source in CVS[5]
> on your machine I can provide you with a preliminary Debian package to
> test your translation.

A source package would be appreciated. I have a preliminary translation,
but it appears that many strings have changed WRT the unstable version.

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