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Please fix all errors you find in Debian documents!


recently just another typo was reported in
www.debian.org/News/2005/20050920 by a Japanese translator.

It was a simple UCT instead of UTC typo which happens from time to time.
I fixed in already for all affected documents but noticed again that
this error was already fixed in the French translation (by Mohammed
Adn?ne Trojette).

Please, please report all such issues you find so that it can be fixed
everywhere! A even better solution is to fix such minor issues yourself
(if in doubt ask, but you should not have doubts about such trivial
stuff if you have already write access to the corresponding repository).

It does harm much more not to fix or report such issues compared to
possible minor problems (causing a rebuild, making other translations
incomplete) arising after fixing it yourself.

This includes all kind of Debian documents (but also packages) including
web pages, manuals, Debconf templates, PO files, ...

I know also other people thinking "It is not worth a report" for various
reasons (such as orphaned packages, ...) but it is just not a valid

If possible try to collect such issues and report/fix these at once
to minimise the cost.

Nearly everytime someone asks me to proofread a text I find errors in
it. This includes also English translation templates. I really cannot
believe that other persons are blind for these kind of errors.


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