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console-data keyboard types


I am doing a revision of slovenian translation of console-data and I found some strange things. I am looking in original English translation and some things are strange.

Some examples:

msgid "pl"
msgstr "Polish"

msgid "sun-pl"
msgstr "Polish"

Both keyboards are translated as "Polish". But one is "sun" version, the other not.

msgid "lk201-us"
msgstr "US English"

msgid "mac-usb-us"
msgstr "American English"

Both strings contain "us". But one is "American", the other "US". One string contains "mac-usb" - is this Mac USB version of US keyboard?

msgid "de-latin1-nodeadkeys"
msgstr "German"

msgid "mac-usb-de-latin1-nodeadkeys"
msgstr "German (no dead keys)"

Both strings contain "nodeadkeys", but translation does not reflect this...

My question is: can I translate this more descriptive way? Like: "Polish Sun version keyboard", "US English lk201 version", "US English Mac USB keyboard", "German Latin 1 (without dead keys)", "German Mac USB keyboard (without dead keys)", etc.?

bye, Matej

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