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Re: Deactivated languages

പ്രവീണ്‍‌|Praveen wrote:
2006/11/20, Eddy Petrișor <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com>:

As I said, the problem is the actual space on the initrd and having a
"latin languages image/CD" and a "asian languages image" is not such a
good idea since you might end up downloading the wrong image and will be
faced with a semi-useless cd  since you don't know any of the other

Can't we give a option to choose a set of languages at the beginning say
ASIAN languages, European languages, AFRICAN languages ... We can ship a set
of initrd images for each laguage groups and it can be selected from grub
menu at boot. (like we used to ship linux 2.4 and linux 2.6 at the same time
we could have 5 initrds each for a continent). I think this would solve the
problem of initrd image size in a considerable way and would not be tough to
implement I think.

Thanks for reminding me about that idea. I wanted to raise that option in the
discution, but I managed to forget it.

Implementing this would mean changing/stripping the udebs before putting them
in the image. Meaning that the debian-installer build system should be changed.
I don't know what impact multiple initrd images would have on debian-cd.

About the stripping, isn't this already done in the installer via white listing?

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