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D-I towards RC2 Day 1: 50/1/36/38/22


- 8 fuzzies in tasksel because of new l10n tasks. Please update ASAP.
  I'll stop counting the "complete" languages for a few days because of
- Levels 2 to 5 are still under (soft) string freeze

- Status of the 1st call for "l10n upload":
    ACK : dpkg
    Done: debconf, aptitude, popularity-contest, iso-codes, apt, samba
          xorg, menu

- Status of the 2nd  call for "l10n upload" (langs updated since 1st upload):
    Asked: popularity-contest, samba, debconf
    To ask: xorg, aptitude, apt

- Status of languages kept in RC1 even if not complete:
      Latvian (98%): ack from translator, promise to complete for RC2
      Slovenian (97%): ack from translator, but very busy
      Punjabi (95%): ack from translator, l2 updated, not l1
      Norwegian Nynorsk (95%): updates have begun. 95%->97%
      Kurdish (77%): translators work in Rosetta. Will be updated
                     from time to time by me

- Status of de-activated languages:

      Belarusian: now 100%. Will be re-activated in the localechooser
      Malayalam: strong activity. Likely to be activated for RC2. 1133t
      Amharic: moderated activity, 370t, last update 11/14
      Icelandic: low activity, 762t, last update 10/22
      Welsh: no activity, 1102t, last update: 03/17
      Kazakh: no activity, 1047t, last update: 2005/12/20
      Northern Sami: no activity, 939t, last update: 08/22
      Malagasy: no activity, 931t, last update: 05/08
      Persian: no activity, 850t, last update 2005/07/31
      Xhosa: no activity, 712t, last update 2005/06/13
      Irish: no activity, 606t, last update: 2006/03/21
      Serbian: no activity, 3t, 2004/9/15
      Marathi: no activity, 0t (but 755f), 2006/08/01

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