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Re: Two new characters needed by Bulgarian translation

On 02/11/2006, at 4:11 AM, Bjørn Steensrud wrote:

Onsdag 01 november 2006 08:46, skrev Clytie Siddall:
On 01/11/2006, at 5:46 PM, Christian Perrier wrote:
Where do you find this file for your own language? I didn't know you
could specify quotes for the distro, and I need to check them for


Ah. Thankyou.

Seconded. Files checked in for nb/nn - not sure they were needed , but I
think so.

Also, thank you to Clytie who asks all the right questions!

<blush> Thanks. :)

I send reverend thanks once again to the people who adopted a Roman
alphabet for our language. ;)

:-)  Well, we might go back to runic now that they are in UTF ...

I used to be fluent in runic (my LOTR heyday). ;) Wrote letters to my boyfriend in it. (We're talking 30 years ago, when cave paintings had just given way to runic, and the only feedback you got from a computer was when it spat a punchcard at you.)

Hmm, Vietnamese in runic... It really handles combined tones now? It's an intriguing thought. :D

Our original script is Chữ Nôm [1], a Chinese-based script which never had a high literacy rate. It's still valued for historical reasons, though, and it looks great!

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chu_Nom

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