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Re: Two new characters needed by Bulgarian translation

Eddy Petrișor -- 31.10.2006 14:29 --:
> Damyan Ivanov wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Bulgarian translation of D-I needs two characters that are not
>>> currently included in needed-characters/bg.utf. Those are opening and
>>> closing double quotes („ “).
>>> Should add them to needed-characters/bg.utf or was I supposed to ask
>>> before using them at all (in which case I apologise)?
> AFAIK, you should add them, but inform people about the change. I needed
> to make a similar change for Romanian recently and that's how I did it
> and nobody complained ;-)

Done. Added „ “ ѝ to bg.utf. First two are already used in uk.utf

> Note that I expect to have at some point in the future a script that can
> help to automate the creation of such (second type) custom images in
> order to help in such situations. I am not sure when this will happen,
> 'though.

That would be very useful indeed.

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