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Re: Two new characters needed by Bulgarian translation

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Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> Hi,
> Bulgarian translation of D-I needs two characters that are not
> currently included in needed-characters/bg.utf. Those are opening and
> closing double quotes („ “).
> Not that Bulgarian translation can't live without them, but those are
> the canonical quotes to be used.
> Should add them to needed-characters/bg.utf or was I supposed to ask
> before using them at all (in which case I apologise)?

AFAIK, you should add them, but inform people about the change. I needed
to make a similar change for Romanian recently and that's how I did it
and nobody complained ;-)

> Also, how could I test a translation in "live" D-I? Do the daily
> builds use trunk?

No, the dailies do not use trunk; instead they use the released version
which are present in unstable.

If you want to create custom images you will have to build your own
udebs from the ones in trunk and place them in localudebs. This will add
some the ones you provided in the initrd image you provided. But that
will mean that only the packages in the initrd will be the updated ones.
The rest will be taken from the udeb source you will provide. This means
that you will need a custom repo, also so that the udebs loaded to be
the new ones (i.e. your custom udebs). This way you can override all the

There is another possibility, to take an already built CD image (netinst
or businesscard) and replace on it the udebs in there[1]. This will NOT
change the udebs in the initrd (localechooser is one of them), but will
provide another/easier way to test your changes.

Note that I expect to have at some point in the future a script that can
help to automate the creation of such (second type) custom images in
order to help in such situations. I am not sure when this will happen,

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Modify
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