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Re: Proposed hierarchy for L10n stuff in wiki.d.o

On Sun, 2006-10-22 at 21:57:08 -0200, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> On 10/22/2006 04:05 PM, Guillem Jover wrote:
> > I'd like to propose to use a L10n/Lang/Page hierarchy for wiki.d.o in
> > the same way we are using for I18n. I've renamed the Catalan pages
> > already, and the general ones as Christian agreed, but not the team
> > specific ones, I let this to each team if they agree. Just by
> > searching for l10n in page titles will show the list.

> 	Is it related to the entire wiki translation?  Or just for the
> L10n section?

Only to the l10n section.

> 	I'm asking because for a long time I want to propose that we
> use the same model of [1]Debian-Women wiki for translations, which
> means changing from a "page-based" to a "directory-base" approach.
> Instead of adding language codes to each page, we should kept the
> original name of the pages and add it to the language directory,
> something like:

> 		http://wiki.debian.org/FrontPage
> 	pt_BR: 	http://wiki.debian.org/PortugueseBR/FrontPage
> 	fr:	http://wiki.debian.org/French/FrontPage
> 	es:	http://wiki.debian.org/Spanish/FrontaPage

I thought about that when I saw the FrontPage, but let's fix one
problem each time. ;)

> 	It could allow us to have a more ordered way for translation,
> name consistency, easy to search, to check, and maybe we can
> implement some header checks like webwml and get it working with po4a.
> (Hi Nicolas :D).

Another important point to consider would be how moinmoin does content
negotiation, if it does at all, and/or how it could be implemented or
used with the translated pages.

> > I've created as well <http://wiki.debian.org/L10n>.

I've created now as well the one for I18n, and linked them both from
the FrontPage.

> 	Thanks for the nice work. :)

You're welcome. =)


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