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Re: Aptitude translation and output

> On 13/10/2006, at 11:35 PM, Le Quoc Thai wrote:
> >sudo aptitude update
> >Password:
> >Đang đọc các danh sách gói...... Xong
> >Đang xây dụng cây cách phụ thuộc...... Xong
> >Đang đọc thông tin tính trạng kéo dài.
> >Đang khởi động tính trạng của các gói.... Xong
> >Building tag database... Xong
> to demonstrate a typo <embarrassed cough> in the aptitude file, which  
> I have now fixed.
> I'm concerned that the string "Building tag database" isn't  
> localized, although it has been translated in aptitude:

There could be various reasons, indeed. The string is properly marked
as localizable in the source:

./src/generic/apt/tags.cc:                         _("Building tag database"));
./src/generic/apt/tags.cc:      progress.OverallProgress(n, verfiles.size(), 1, _("Building tag database"));

Daniel, idea?

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