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Re: Fwd: [Indlinux-group] Important: Tamil VERY close to be desactivated in Debian Installer

Quoting Jayaradha (njayaradha@yahoo.com):
> Hi Christian Perrier,
>   File attached is the translated Debian Installer tamil po file. I got this file from Dr T Vasudevan. Will this be useful?. Please let me know.
>   Otherwise, Please send me the link for the list of files to translate so that we can try to meet the dead line.
>   Hari, Thanks for forwarding this mail.

This file has 1299 strings. That's good even though Debian Installer
now has over 1500 strings for level 1

However, up to now, the registered coordinator for D-I Tamil
translations is Damodharan Rajalingam

So, I can't commit a new file without his acknowledgment.

Where did you get this file from ? Is that coming from a localisation
repository of your l10n team for Tamil, or somethign such ?

I appreciate the deep effort that's obviously behind this file, but
please understand that I need to figure out if committing it is to be
done or not. I actually prefer leaving such decision to the registered
coordinator, here namely Damodharan Rajalingam.

For the sake of it, I will try to first merge your file with the
current POT file of D-I level 1. Then I will merge this file with
Damodharan Rajalingam last contribution, giving this last file
priority for strings that are translated in both files.

Then I will send you people the result and let you discuss together of
what you intend to get committed.

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