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Re: Tool for translating via an intermediate language

Hello Amos,

> You can download it:
> http://www.runasimipi.org/instrans.zip
> See the documentation for the scipt at:
> http://www.runasimipi.org/instrans-en.html

Thank you for making this available. Yesterday I looked at it, but am a
bit confused about the purpose of some features, and therefore whether
I should consider putting these features into GNU gettext.

The current plan is to use a syntax like

  msgid "English"
  msgid[es] "Spanish"
  msgstr "Translation"

Thus no need to use a separator, no need for --replace.

- --msgstr: "Insert the translated phrases en the msgstrs which are empty."
  This sounds to be useful for dialects, but the usual way of working
  with dialects is that the user has several entries in the LANGUAGE
  variable, e.g.   LANGUAGE="de_CH:de".

- What's the purpose of --comment versus --bilingual?

- Is --statusbar something of general interest?

- Can't --search and --recursive be done by the use of a compendium?

- What's the purpose of --strip?


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