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Re: Work started on Release Notes for Etch

On Saturday 07 October 2006 23:13, Jens Seidel wrote:
> > Yes, make update-po architecture=foo creates a new PO if it does not
> > exist. Note that the "architecture=foo" switch doesn't change
> > anything if you use "bar" instead of "foo", but is needed due to the
> > very architecture-specific build system of the release-notes.
> Since the Release Notes are architecture specific I loop about all
> architectures to create the PO file. After coding I noticed that
> po4a seems to ignore conditionals, so the loop can maybe removed :-((

Not sure why you thought a loop would be needed. po4a will only extract 
strings for translations, but add back conditions when regenerating the 
sgml file from the po file. The only condition for this to go right is 
that the po file must be up-to-date with the English sgml file when 
generating the sgml file for the translation.

I'd say that no loop should be needed other than the loop that already 
existed to build all different arches for the website.

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