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Status of D-I translations 2006/10/05: 7/18/13/17/7

This is the very first of daily messages that will give you
translators the status of completion for the five "levels" of
translation of Debian Installer and related packages.

I intend to send these status messages all along the period that will
extend to the date of the release of Debian which is, as we all know
and are confident in, December 4th 2006.

The obvious intent is to motivate all Debian translators to bring
these numbers as high as possible *and keep them high*.

The subject of these messages will give the number of 100% languages
for the relevant day, as of 04:00UTC (the run of the D-I stats script)
for each level, from 1 to 5.

For details about levels, please see

For details about the statistics, please see


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