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Status of D-I translations 2006/10/05: 19/21/18/21/07

(yesterday, it turned out that I was living in the future and I only
realized that we were Oct 4th, not 5th, at the end of the day)

News from today:

-big bump for level 1. Usual process after minor changes
-big bump in levels 2 to 4 because of calls for translation updates
 (it seems that you guys/ladies work better if I urge you to..:-))

To be expected:

-a few strings changed in level 1
-level 5 will go down because of one string modified in debconf
 program translation

The subject of these messages will give the number of 100% languages
for the relevant day, as of 04:00UTC (the run of the D-I stats script)
for each level, from 1 to 5.

For details about levels, please see

For details about the statistics, please see



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