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Re: Please DO NOT waste your time translating qmail-src debconf templates

Quoting Ming Hua (minghua-list@sbcglobal.net):

> After (briefly) reading the bug report, I understand your frustration.

The main frustration is not about the way this maintainer
behaves. After all, I think that using  words that he intends to be
rude, he's just proving that he does not feel himself very comfortable
on the topic.

The main frustration is the lack of answer, explanations and
justification of the initial rejection of the bug report suggestion.

> Apparently Jon, the maintainer of qmail-src, feels differently about
> what a debconf template should and shouldn't do.
> I don't know how many translators agree with me, but I would suggest
> removing qmail-src from DDTP/DDTSS if it's easy, to make sure qmail-src
> is at the lowest priority on translator's list.

Actually, there is even no need to avoid working on qmail-src debconf
templates because.....this package does not use po-debconf. It has a
longstanding bug report to switch to po-debconf which is quietly

The debconf templates also need some deep rewrite to make
them....usable. They even look silly in any debconf interface except
the dialog one.

I think indeed that it would be good to keep this package as is, just
as a good example of what should NOT be done when using debconf in a

Too bad indeed that this is a non free package (mostly because of
qmail braindead licensing, IIRC.....). It would better if we had good
counter-examples in the main archive.

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