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Re: Request for Pseudopackage: debian-i18n

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On 09/19/2006 06:35 AM, Frans Pop wrote:
> (Replying only to list for discussion.)
> I was not in Extremadura, so this is mostly a request for clarification...
> On Tuesday 19 September 2006 10:21, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>> At the the i18n Extremadura Meeting[1] we discussed how to be able to
>>handle i18n and l10n bugs more conveniently and having a way to be able
>>to track those things more closely.  The various ways our BTS currently
>>offers where discussed and we came to the conclusion that a pseudo
>>package in which we can put metatags for transitions and tracking bugs
>>amongst different packages and/or languages would help most.
> Is this intended to also track translation bugs?
> If so, I wonder if that is not duplicating existing or future mechanisms.
> For Dutch translations, we track open bugs on http://dutch.debian.net/.
> And other teams use similar pages and IIUC it is in principle available 
> for all teams. I would expect such a service to be integrated into the 
> new i18n infrastructure.
> If you just want to track transitions then user tagging the relevant bugs 
> could IMO work just as well with user set to debian-i18n@l.d.o. You don't 
> need a pseudo package for that.
> A pseudo package would only be needed if you want to file "umbrella" bugs 
> that could then be blocked by other bugs.

	That's exactly what we have in mind.

	Our "master plan" is to have a pseudo package to hold what we
call "meta bugs", which are aimed to control different types of i18n
related problems, like po-debconf transition, po4a related bugs,
new-gettext and a short list of already identified situations.

	One of the other use cases for "debian-i18n" pseudo package
is to receive call for help from package maintainers about different
types of i18n problems, including font support, locales system, l10n
and translations itself.

	The new pseudo-package should be a useful to the new i18n
"Task Force". Don, that's just for reference, I'm sure that Gerfried
and others could provide some more informations and background to
explain why we would like the pseudo-package.

> Cheers,

	Kind regards,

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