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Request for Pseudopackage: debian-i18n


 At the the i18n Extremadura Meeting[1] we discussed how to be able to
handle i18n and l10n bugs more conveniently and having a way to be able
to track those things more closely.  The various ways our BTS currently
offers where discussed and we came to the conclusion that a pseudo
package in which we can put metatags for transitions and tracking bugs
amongst different packages and/or languages would help most.

 Please keep in mind when deciding it that it is not only about package
related translations, so it doesn't always fit in the packages themself
- especially it is hard to keep an eye on them if the bugs are cluttered
through the different packages only.

 So, long introduction, short outcome:  Pretty please make us an early
christmas present and add a debian-i18n pseudo package to the BTS so we
will be able to enhance and improve the i18n efforts.

 So long,
[1] <http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/Extremadura2006>
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