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Suggestions for web frontend to DDTS

Hi Martin,

I'd like to suggest some improvements to your web frontend.

After I've reviewed a translation, it's marked with "(reviewed)". 
Unfortunately, I don't have the possibility to keep track of the progress 
of that translation. How about adding the number of reviews, similar to 
translations I've not reviewed? I'd imagine something like 
this: "(reviewed, has 2)". This would be great for my own translations as 
well, like this: "(owner, has 1)" or "(owner, needs initial review)".

Another suggestion is to split the "Pending review" list into two lists. The 
first list includes translations which can be reviewed by me, the other 
list contains translations I've already reviewed with or without changes. 
You could name the second list "Reviewed by me" or similar.

Apart from that, thanks a lot for your work. I really like the frontend with 
its review system.


Tobias Toedter   | Endless Loop:  n., see Loop, Endless.
Hamburg, Germany | Loop, Endless: n., see Endless Loop.

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