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Re: Well done de l10n team

Quoting Martijn van Oosterhout (kleptog@gmail.com):

(DDTS translations)

> A few translations have been submitted for da, es, hu, it, pl and sv
> however there has been no reviewing to speak of. All other languages
> have been dormant.

On the French team side, this is mostly voluntary. The highest concern
we currently have is the non openness of the review process and the
fact that nearly anyone can translate without the kind of blessing
from the team that we currently have for other translations we work
on. That's the most highest concern which makes us mostly wait a
little. Not being able to work on PO files is also a big concern.

But, well, we certainly cannot let you guys escape so we might need to
start the effort again.

I tried a few commands through the mail interface these days but
pretty much unsuccessfully. I might need to try again and see whether
we could start again the DDTS effort for French.

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