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Re: Well done de l10n team

On Wednesday 16 August 2006 08:26, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> In just the last day the de team has translated 79 descriptions, 42 of
> which have passed review and have been sent on to the DDTS. As such,
> they're ahead of everyone else, given nl is the only other language
> where translations have passed review. They're completed all the
> Priority required and standard packages in the system and working on
> optional.

I'd like to make one comment on that though. I had a quick look yesterday 
at your web frontend and took a look at the translation for mutt.
I found one fairly important spelling error and three places where I did 
not like the chosen translation (using a translation for a word that is 
possibly correct when looking only at the word itself, but makes no real 
sense, is very unusual or just ugly in the context).
I submitted a new (IMO significantly improved) translation for mutt.

This may have been an exception, but I rather doubt it. At the very least 
a spellcheck should be done for all translated descriptions.

I also don't much like the fact that the translation of the package 
descriptions for Dutch is being done without any involvement of the 
existing Dutch translation team (at least, I don't remember seeing any 
mails about it on the list).

I'd very much like to see a more public review process where new/updated 
translations are sent to the team list with a reply set to the translator 
or something.

My compliments for taking the initiative though.


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