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Re: Cyrus-imapd-2.2 debconf template changed, some translations missing

Thomas Huriaux wrote:
> Sven Mueller <sven@incase.de> (15/08/2006):
>> I would like to ask you for help with the translation of our debconf
>> template. Several translations already exist and only need a small
>> update while others are completely missing. Here are the stats from
>> debconf-updatepo:
>> POTFILES.in and most recent version of the existing <lang>.po files are
>> available at:
>> https://mail.incase.de/svn/cyrus22/trunk/cyrus-imapd-2.2.13/debian/po/
> Could you please first fix your templates? I found the following
> problems:
> * Comparation -> Comparison
> * The interrogative form of a boolean template should be in the short
>   description and not in the long description. I suggest you to apply
>   the following fixes:

Following your suggestion, I updated the template. As the URL above
already suggests, the link is actually a link to our SVN repository, so
if you checked out with SVN from that URL, please run svn up, otherwise,
please download again. Thanks for the hint. Actually, the change was to
react in response to the relevant lintian warning, but I misunderstood
it to mean that the question should be in the long description.
The "Comparation" fix should have been in the SVN version for quite a
while now, but it seems we somehow missed that occurance. Thanks for
pointing these out.


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