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Re: debconf-updatepo getting line numbers wrong?

On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 03:09:46AM +0200, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> Hi (please CC me on replies, and point me to the proper place if this
> question is not appropriate here; thanks in advance).
> I was recently prepared an updated version of x-ttcidfont-conf to
> include the ru.po file submitted in #383035. As part of the build
> process (particularly, in debian/rules clean), a call to debconf-updatepo
> is made.
> Then, I obvserved that all debian/po/*.po files had its line number
> updated in a pretty unsensical way (see the diff included below), so I
> thought I'd ask before uploading something potentially disruptive.

An explanation is hidden in /usr/share/doc/intltool-debian/changelog.gz:
 * intltool-extract: Fields for the first template are now numbered from
   1001, for the 2nd template from 2001 and so forth.  All references are
   written into the POT file, which allows podebconf-display-po to handle
   strings which appear several times in templates.  Closes: #374463
   Thanks Yuri Kozlov for the report and Thomas Huriaux for the fix.
   This change will also let podebconf-display-po do a better job when
   recreating original templates file, in particular it will be able to
   handle cases when other fields follow Description, as has been discussed
   in #366227.

I try to avoid changing the format of generated PO files, but this one
was really needed to let podebconf-display-po do a better job.


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