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Re: Web frontend to the DDTS open for testing

On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 11:49:04AM +0200, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> I've set it up so that anyone can go in and do translations. All you
> need to do is select your language, enter the package you wish to
> translate and translate it. In that sense it's a companion to the
> script posted yesterday, this is something for when you want to update
> only a single description.

I've tried translating a few and it works quite fine. Fetching translations
also seems to work fine. I cannot test the review process right now (as I'm
owner of the translations I've done)

> What it doesn't do:
> 1. It doesn't ask the DDTS to suggest translations for most languages.
> I've only enabled that for nl because that's what I use but I don't
> want to step on the toes of any other translators using the system. If
> you want me to enable it for a partiular language, let me know.

Could you please enable this for 'es'?

> 2. It doesn't automatically send the translations to the DDTS. That's
> because I'm not sure of the quality of the result. I'm not asking
> people to register to translate so maybe we get good ones, maybe we
> get bad ones. If you've got a bunch of descriptions in the system you
> want like to send, let me know. I can also setup a system of
> "trusted" reviewers if people ask for it.

I wouldn't mind having my team (spanish) use this to expand the work on the
translation descriptions. It would be great, however, if the interface would
provide a list of untranslated descriptions (maybe sorted by priority) and
make it possible to retrieve them from the UI.

> Other than that, it's fully functional. I hope it works out well, but
> if it gets abused I'll just lock it down. Also, I don't have a lot of
> bandwidth so if it works out really well, long term it needs to move
> to a better server.

Let's try it first and see how it works, but it looks very promising.



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